Linguix Review – Best Writing Assistant Tool 2020


Are you the person like me, who has very good confident while speaking in English, but when it comes to writing looses his confident.

I always thought about having someone to correct my English spelling errors in my school days.

But now one was there in my school days and college days.

But thanks to technology, now I am confident in my writing at list I am not going to make mistakes in my spellings.

Do you know why, because I got my partner, who help me with my spelling errors.

Do you want to know, who is he?

He is an AI Based software called Linguix.

I am currently using to write this article with same AI Software.

Now I am more confident while writing, and don’t worry so much on my errors because this tool will be there to save my back.

What is Linguix?

Linguix is an A.I based writing assistant help us find our mistakes in our writing and fix them based on grammar, spelling errors and more.

This tool will notify you when every you do mistake in writing.

Other than grammar, spelling errors it will also help you find synonyms, phases, sentence structure and typos.

Linguix Features:

1. Unlimited grammar checker:

If you are having Linguix in your tool box then you don’t have to worry about your grammar, the AI Based software automatically suggest you to fix the grammatical error.

2. 2,700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure

It has more than 2,700 checks to fix your major issue while writing.

Now you don’t have to worry while writing you blog post, emails or your project reports.

3. Vocabulary enhancement suggestions:

It helps you to enhance your vocabulary while writing your content by suggesting various alternatives to your words.

4. Fix 9 million typos:

If you are a person who do a lot of typos like me then this feature will save your life.

It helps you to fix 9 million typos, and make your content error free.

5.  Secret Mode:

This mode help you to write your confidential content safely inside web app.

It will find the error and provide you suggestions, and then delete after doing recommended changes.

The self-destruction feature of the tools will do its job.  

6. Statistics feature:

This feature help you to see your word count, word length, readability score and reading time.

7. Integrates with many platforms:

Linguix comes with feature to integrate with various platforms such as google

doc, Gmail, medium, WordPress etc.

This will help you to write correctly in every major platform which we bloggers use.

8. Pre drafted snippets:

With help of Linguix Chrome extension you can use pre drafted contents which you can include into your email, social media posts etc.

Benefits of Linguix:

1. Linguix is not just a grammar checker:

It is not just a grammar checker, it is an AI based technology which track your writing style, words you are using in your content, your sentence structure and more.

After analysis of your content writing with your past history it will compare this with more than 2000+ content rules and try to enhance your writing. 

2.  Useful for non-native witters to express their feeling with words. 

3. Works on google doc, Facebook comments, it also gets fit with chrome and Firefox. 

4. It’s content library, help us find various samples for our reference while writing.

If you are a blogger who is looking to improve their writing skill then Linguix is the best options for you. 

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