Swipe Pages Review: An Ultimate Buying Guide

Landing pages are the crucial aspect of a website, where users who are mainly coming from paid media sources, start knowing about services and products. Whenever users click on the ads or paid content, they land on the landing page, which makes landing pages an essential part of a website ecosystem as landing pages are less distracted compared to a website and have One Call to Action (CTA). Although we know that “the first apprehension is the effectiveness of last apprehension.” 

Landing page requires specific skills and designs that can attract a larger group of potential customers and convert them as customers.

Here is my Genuine Swipe Pages Reviews After Using it for my clients and my personal projects.

Swipe Pages is one of the fantastic services to use to build exciting landing pages that can attract a broad group of potential customers to the website and motivate them to take Action. It is a template-based landing page designer with various benefits for new businesses to achieve a significant milestone among their competitors.


What are Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages is a service that offers quick and effective landing page designs for new businesses and for those who are changing the pattern of their existing website. The landing page developer doesn’t require knowledge in coding, which helps non-coding people create effective landing pages for their website. 

It uses a drag and drop interface that can create fantastic landing pages that can attract more customers to your platform. Swipe Pages is the preferable service to surpass the competitors in the current era of business.

Swipe Pages comes with an A/B testing feature which makes it the best service because A/B testing is the thing that allows businesses to test their website among their customers. It is the best program for better lead generation techniques and improves the services of the company. 

Is there any difference between landing page and website? 

This is the familiar doubt that comes to mind while creating a website. Most businesses think landing pages are unnecessary because they are preparing a website for their services, but landing pages are the first impression users can experience without buying a separate hosting. Most of the users judge the website by checking the landing page of the website. 

The landing page must be a user-friendly page that can provide important information that a user expects from the business. Most users don’t switch to another tab of a website, making the landing page more critical in getting good business. 

A landing page is a key to enhance the user experience on the website, which contains all the crucial details about the services, including CTA, contact details, minimum distraction, and audience targeting factors. These factors make a website the most interesting one from the user’s perspective and give a good business. 

The business’s website promotes the introduction of the company and the offers they are providing to their customers. It makes customers understand the services deeply, where the landing page contains crucial features that can turn the audience into customers. 

What are the crucial factors that make Swipe Pages the leading landing page creator?

When you are preparing a landing page for your services, all you expect is optimization on the page. You can add texts, fields, and videos to make it interesting for the users, which will help them to collect the information they are expecting from the company. 

Swipe Pages is a powerful tool that lets you build a landing page, transforming your business like you never expected from any landing page. It starts optimizing your pages to a larger group, where users can click on the page to get adequate knowledge of the products they are looking for. Swipe Pages offers other integration programs like Zapier and Native, which automatically helps your leads store into the CRM and email marketing database. 

It saves a considerable time that gets waste in lead generation, which you can optimize to create a better customer relationship. Also, you can use the form generation feature to generate instant leads, and the process will enhance the trust of new users for the services you are offering to them.   

The built-in conversion feature allows you to analyze the performance of your campaigns and the response of users on the landing page. It will help you increase the ROI of your business, and you can take your business to new heights every day. 

Swipe Pages Review: Based on Pricing Plan

Swipe Pages have three different marketing plans, which they can choose as per their requirements in the market. These three plans are Startup, Marketer, and Agency Plan. 

1- Startup Plan

This is the plan for which you need to pay $29 per month while developing exciting landing pages. You can get one custom domain for your company with other features like unlimited conversion, direct integration, and others that can play a crucial role. 

2- Marketer Plan

Marketer Plan is for those who want to develop landing pages for others. It contains all the features like the Startup plan, and also, you can add team members and get nearly five domain access from the program.

3- Agency Plan

If you are an agency and want to develop great landing pages for several clients, this plan is the best fit for you. You will get additional 30 min CRO consultation and one-on-one onboarding from Swipe pages, which is not available for the other two plans. 

Swipe Pages Review

Swipe Pages Review: Based on Features –

  • A/B Testing
  • Customizable templates
  • Drag and Drop
  • Form Builder
  • Real-Time editing
  • Publishing Options
  • SEO Management
  • Responsive
  • AMP Optimized landing page
  • Sell the products using Stripe integration

These features from Swipe Pages can help you generate a landing page that can drive your business to a vast audience.

Swipe Pages Review

Pros and Cons of Swipe Pages for the business.


  • It offers excellent landing page templates that can optimize your services. 
  • Gives the highest speed in loading pages. 
  • They will optimize your page to enhance the performance before taking the landing page to CDN. 
  • Drag and Drop feature to develop the fastest landing page. 
  • Fourteen days free trial without using a credit card. 
  • Integrated tools for analyzing and optimizing the landing page. 


  • Have limited templates. 
  • Single user authentication for lower tiers. 
  • Marketers and Startups can access limited domains. 

What are the alternates you can use instead of Swipe Pages?

If you don’t want to use Swipe Pages for your business, then using its alternatives like ClickFunnels and Leadpages can help you develop an optimized landing page. 

Click Funnels

ClickFunnels is a landing page development service that is suitable for larger organizations only. The pricing of ClickFunnels is more than Swipe Pages, which can also be a reason you may think more before opting for click funnels. You can get all the features of Swipe Pages on ClickFunnels, where you will get more templates than Swipe Pages. If you are looking as a marketer, ClickFunnels is the best alternate Swipe Pages for lead generation. 

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Leadpages offer better pricing offers for marketers and agency-level clients. It is easy to use alternate Swipe Pages, which gives you a wide range of landing page templates. Leadpages is one of the preferred landing page development programs, which several users prefer. It contains some extra benefits compared to Swipe Pages, which you can check out if you want quick and easy landing page development without coding. 

Reasons why Swipe Pages can be the best fit for your company?

Swipe Pages is a new service, so everyone is not showing their trust in it. But being new in the genre has created multiple milestones, which several landing page providers have failed to offer. 

Mainly, the landing page needs experts to generate leads, but Swipe Pages offers various tools that a person from a non-coding background can develop featuring landing pages for businesses. It is an easy-to-use platform that contains massive potential in terms of landing page development.

Landing Page optimization became easy after Swipe Pages, and several marketers and agencies are taking advantage of this great application to optimize their business. Swipe Pages is the best alternative from all the landing page services available in the global market.

Companies can get multiple benefits by using Swipe Pages as their primary landing page developer which can generate leads and give a fantastic experience to the users.  Swipe Pages is an easiest way of creating eye-catching landing pages, which comes with multiple integration programs for a better lead generation.

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